Budget Proposal Form

Please submit a proposed budget for your committee for 2020-2021. If you do not fill out the projected cost, we will base next year’s budget from this year’s expenses. 

Due March 25, 2020

Please take some time to consider the expenses for your committee based on the current year expenses and any extra cost you will need for new activities your committee has voted on. Please review the budget expense forms that you receive each month to assist in your budget planning.

State Officers and Service Committee Chairs- Please include annual Convention/leadership travel in your budget proposal. (Sunday thru Wednesday)

All Committee members and Coordinating Council Chairs will be traveling with their unit as Delegates to the annual state Convention. (Monday thru Wednesday)

Coordinating Council Chairs if your area is planning to have a meeting that requires gifts, prizes or party items, please make arrangements with the units in your area to share in the cost. These items are not covered in the WSSRA State budget. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (360) 413-5496 ext. 112 or email me at Debbie@wssra.org


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Are you requesting the same budget amount as last year?

Please indicate how many state meetings you are planning to schedule and estimate how many members will be attending: