EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR UPDATE - Alan Burke, December 2023 Update

It all starts on January 8.  The 2024 legislative session—the shorter 60-day version—will move quickly. Much needs to be accomplished during the next three months.  Please review our legislative priorities—see Peter Diedrick’s articles under the legislative tab for details—and please help out with email correspondence when asked.  You can sign up for weekly “buddy” messages by contacting Peter or a member of the state legislative committee.  

As we all know, legislative advocacy happens year-round. We appreciate and applaud members who consistently connect with legislators all months of the year. With a short session coming upon us, please block time every week for advocacy!  

Please circle June 3-5 on your calendar for the 77th annual WSSRA convention in Wenatchee. Keynoter Dottie Metcalf-Lindenberger will highlight the Tuesday morning session.  Dottie, a former astronaut, will wow attendees with a multi-media presentation that combines space travel with a message on how to improve life in local communities. In addition to keynotes and breakout sessions, plenty of time will be allotted to team building, social interaction, and training.  The convention planning team has met twice this summer and fall to make sure that all the details that make for a successful convention are addressed.  

On the membership front, thanks to unit leadership and local membership chairs for their recruitment efforts this past school year.  We are working diligently to reverse the trendline on membership losses that began with COVID in 2020.  A 17,000 strong membership impresses legislators, but they would be even more impressed if our numbers rose toward the coveted 20,000 mark.  Please do what you can do to have former colleagues join WSSRA!  

Happy holidays to you and yours!   

Alan Burke, Executive Director