PEBB My Account upgrades delayed


Recently, PEBB Modernization project leaders postponed the launch of the upgraded PEBB My Account platform due to resourcing issues on one of the maintenance teams that supports the PEBB Program. The upgrades are intended to provide a more robust tool for PEBB members to make account changes throughout the year and for agency payroll staff to better manage their employees’ PEBB enrollment and accounts.


I want to iterate that development of the platform was on track to meet the Spring 2022 launch and we won’t be sitting idle. HCA leaders are reviewing the scope of the project and will determine if there is additional work that can be included with an extended project timeline. While details are still being figured out, what we do know is PEBB Modernization will not launch before PEBB’s open enrollment this year (November 1 through 30, 2022).


We will provide the next update in several weeks once we have a decision on the scope and updated launch timeline.

Ellen Wolfhagen
Senior Account Manager
Washington State Health Care Authority
Office: 360-725-1039