DRS-sponsored Spring Break Retirement Webinars

The Dept. of Retirement Systems webinars are typically given during working hours and can be challenging for school employees to attend. Since the first full week of April will be spring break for many public school employees, DRS is offering the following classes twice between April 6-8: Plan 2, Plan 3, Online Resources, Getting Ready for Retirement and Applying for Retirement. Additional webinars are also scheduled for that week. Those include: Early Retirement, Purchasing an Additional Benefit, and Benefit Options at Retirement. Links to these webinars are posted on the DRS website.


Training opportunities for school employees continue on Friday, April 9, as DRS is hosting a live, Nearing Retirement Seminar from 9:00 am until 1:30 pm. The seminar is designed for members who are within 5 years of retiring. To register and block time on the calendar for this training, members can go to the DRS Seminars page.