Governor Inslee’s Stay at Home Order

Board Members, Unit Presidents, Coordinating Council Chairs, Committee Chairs, Past State Presidents—

Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Stay at Home Order issued on March 23, WSSRA will be closing the Lacey office effective close-of-business Tuesday, March 24. 

However, the WSSRA staff will continue to provide services as they work remotely, and will make sure that the essential functions of our business continue without interruption.  Those functions include processing incoming mail including membership checks, paying bills, completing the monthly payroll, corresponding with unit presidents regarding membership status (including sending the monthly direct deposit), and other correspondence deemed necessary.

In addition, we provided staff with a full-access laptop for home use so that those of you with questions of staff, or who seek to set up phone conferences for unit groups, can send inquiries and requests to each of us via email or phone (email preferred because it can be monitored remotely).  If you leave a voice mail note that we will be checking our phones periodically and therefore might not get to your message for a day or two.

Basically, we plan to run WSSRA as close to full operation as we can, knowing that we can only use on-site resources for essential job functions.  Please let us know if you need something that we can’t provide electronically, and we’ll make sure that one of us comes to the office and gets it.  To review, our email address protocol is our first name (Alan, Debbie, Peter, Michele and Tara) followed by

Let’s hope this latest effort by the Governor will have the positive effect of slowing the spread of the virus and beginning our journey back to normalcy.  In the meantime, we’ll do what is necessary to keep the WSSRA ship sailing.

Stay safe, stay well.


 Alan Burke

WSSRA Executive Director