State Committee - Willingness to Serve

State Committee appointments are selected by the President-Elect and approved by the WSSRA Board.

Members from all regions can volunteer to serve on Membership, Health, Retirement Planning, or Legislative state committees. Volunteers must submit a new willingness to serve form each year to be considered for these committees even if you have served on the committee previously. Submitting a willingness to serve form does not guarentee a position on any certain committee regardless of how many years you may have previously served on the committee.

Revolving Committees such as Awards, Nominating and Review, Rules and Resolutions, and Finance committees are 3-year terms. 

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The 2021-22 Awards Committee position is available to SW3 and/or SW4.

The 2021-22 Rules and Resolutions Committee position is available to NW1 and/or NW2

The 2021-22 Nominating and Review Committee position is available to E5/E6/E7/E8

2021-22 Convention Planning Committee positions are available to SW3 and SW4. (The district Representatives and Coordinating Council chairs for these areas, as well as the unit 28 President are auto appointed and do not need to submit a willingness to serve form.)

  Please select your Coordinating Council District:

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  I agree to serve on the above WSSRA State Committee if appointed by the President. I am a member of WSSRA and my membership dues are current.