Patrick T. Hoban Meritorious Award Nomination Form

Patrick T. Hoban (1940 – 2002) was Executive Director of WSSRA from 1997 to 2002.  Before that he enjoyed a 32-year career in K-12 education as a teacher, and from 1969 through 1996, a superintendent in six districts—including seven years at Mossyrock and five in Fife. 

Pat’s tenure at WSSRA can be characterized by an increased interest in legislative advocacy, expansion of philanthropy, and very positive relationship with members and association leaders. Colleagues described Pat as a man of honesty, integrity and commitment. He was a friend to all, and expanded the WSSRA footprint significantly in his dealings with legislators, business leaders, and health care advocates.  Cancer took him away far too early, but his positive attitude, can-do personality, and persistence left its mark on those he knew, and on WSSRA. 


  • The submission deadline of the completed nomination form(s) is no later than March17, 2021.
  • The unit is permitted to submit only one nominee for each of the awards. the nominee cannot be a deceased member.
  • Each unit shall provide a narrative-style document, prepared by a unit-designated writer, in support of their nominee(s).
  • Carefully read and understand the criteria for each award and respond to every question on the nomination form(s) when writing the Unit's supportive narrative. Keep in mind that Awards Cmte. members may not know your nominee(s). The writer, therefore, needs to paint a clear picture of the quality of your selected nominee(s). Be sure each nominee's narrative is both concise and informational for the reviewers. This will allow the reviewers better ease in ranking all nominees as well as ensuring fairness to all the nominees for each award.

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This award is for a WSSRA member who has performed beyond the norm to accomplish his/her assigned duties.

Include an INTRODUCTORY statement about the unit's nominee. Save all statements about his/her service record to be covered later in the main body of the nominee form.

Please address how the nominee has volunteered his/her time for the fulfillment of WSSRA goals.

Please address how the member has achieved beyond the norm in performance to accomplish the responsibilities of his/her duties.

Please address how the nominee inspired and encouraged fellow constituents in their performance to achieve the WSSRA mission. The WSSRA mission statement is printed on the back page of each journal.

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