Goals for Units of Distinction

Unit Presidents: Please complete this form and return it to the WSSRA office by May 15th. "Units of Distinction" awards will be presented at Convention to those units having successfully completed 16 to 20 of the desired goals listed below during this fiscal year. All units are requested to submit this form each year. (Questions? Please call the WSSRA Office at 1-800-584-5219 and ask for Tara.) 

19 to 20 goals Highest Distinction

16 to 18 goals Distinction

indicates required field

  Unit officers and committee chairs members of both WSSRA and the local unit

  Unit provides an opportunity at each meeting for paying State and Local dues by cash or automatic dues deduction

  Unit Membership Committee actively recruits school employees

  Unit increased membership by 5% or reached the highest membershisp total ever, based on April 1 membership compilation

  Unit plans to send delegates to Convention

  A minimum of three Unit officers/committee chairs attended three Coordinating Council meetings this year. Dates and names of those attending:

  Unit held regularly scheduled meetings/events during the fiscal year

  Unit Executive Board held at least four scheduled meetings during the year

  Unit sponsored an interesting and challenging program on at least one community issue

  Unit nominated at least one member for a State office or State committee and the nominee (s) have signed a Willingness to Serve form

  Unit successfully conducted a community service project

  Unit provides Retirement Planning information

  Unit nominated one member to receive the WSSRA Stan McNaughton Outreach and one member to receive the Patrick T. Hoban Meritorious awards

  Unit established: (1) A unit scholarship fund or student loan or (2) A yearly contribution to WSSR-Foundation or, (3) A unit grant for student learning improvement

  Unit maintained historical record of Unit activities and projects

  Unit provided newsletter/bulletin/postcard notification to members prior to at least three meetings

  Unit has an active Legislative Committee which worked in alignment with the state Legislative Committee

  Unit established and used email, telephone tree, etc. to alert members as requested by the State Legislative committee

  Unit uses technology e.g. email, website etc. to communicate with members

  Unit publicized or participated in the Washington State School Retirees' Appreciation Week (the third week of March).