Foundation Trustee - Willingness to Serve

Any WSSRA member who wishes to serve on a State Committee will need to complete a "Willingness to Serve" form. If you are chosen by your Coordinating Council as a candidate for elected office you will also need to complete the appropriate "Willingness to be Nominated to Serve" form.

Instructions for the Willingness to Serve Forms

  1. Fill in the form below providing all of the information requested.
  2. You will be given a choice of either submitting the form online (by clicking once on the Submit button) or printing the form and mailing it to the office. Either way, be sure to keep a copy of the information you submit.
  3. If you wish to mail it, send it to the address listed on the form.
  4. The incoming State President will use these forms to appoint State Committee members. ONLY the incoming President will make appointments.

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  Coordinating Council District:

  I fully understand the duties and responsibilities of the WSSR-Foundation Trustee. If nominated, I agree to serve as WSSR-Foundation Trustee and state that I am a member of WSSRA in good standing and that my membership dues are current.

  School Experience: