RECORDED- April 29, 2021 Pre-retirement Webinar

Recording of April 29, 2021 Pre-retirement Webinar

Click the link below to view the recording of the April 29, 2021 pre-retirement Webinar that featured a WSSRA Introduction followed by presentations from the Department of Retirement Systems and the Health Care Authority/PEBB.  Social Security/Medicare and VEBA will be featured on May 6. Since the Social Security Administration prohibits presentation recordings or slide deck distribution, and VEBA’s presentation is available on the February 18, 2021 webinar recording that is posted below under this tab, the May 6 event will not be recorded.

  April 29 Pre-retirement recording


April 29, 2021 Presenter Slide Deck

Use this link (2021 HCA/PEBB Retiree PPT WSSRA)  for access to the HCA/PEBB slide deck from the April 29, 2021 Pre-retirement Webinar.   The DRS deck is not included but can be emailed upon request to Tara Teitzel (