PEBB Benefits 24/7 Update


PEBB Members--

 HCA is asking at PEBB members use the new link to Benefits 24/7 ( <> ) that connects with the new system.   This replaces links to PEBB My Account. 

 A redirect is in place to send users who may attempt to access PEBB My Account to Benefits 24/7 starting on or shortly after June 12. 

 Note: There will be a blackout period as HCA transitions from PEBB My Account to Benefits 24/7. Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, June 9, PEBB My Account will no longer be available. This will allow pending actions to process before the transition to Benefits 24/7--now delayed from the previously scheduled June 12 launch.  There will be no impact to the 834 files.

Benefits 24/7 Quick Start Guide 

On June 5, HCA is mailing a Benefits 24/7 Quick Start Guide <>  to PEBB members. This guide includes important information such as: 

*         Announcement of the Benefits 24/7 launch date (June 12)

*         How to access Benefits 24/7 

*         An overview of how members can manage their benefits 

*         Where to get more information


Ellen Wolfhagen
Senior Account Manager
Washington State Health Care Authority
Office: 360-725-1039