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Dana Miles named 2023 State Teacher of the Year

OLYMPIA — September 12, 2022 — Washington School for the Deaf Work Experience and English Language Arts Teacher Dana Miles has been named 2023 Washington State Teacher of the Year

Miles will move forward to the national competition. Dana Miles will also compete for the National Teacher of the Year award, to be announced in Spring 2023.

Dana Miles has been a teacher for 11 years, the last six of which she has taught Work Experience and Applied Bilingual Language Arts (BLA) at the Washington School for the Deaf, located in Vancouver, WA.

In Miles’ Applied Bilingual Language Arts classes, she teaches English and American Sign Language interchangeably, preparing students for life after high school using real-world contexts like housing (such as comparing costs and types of housing), transportation (including bus training, directions, and car shopping), and more.